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TP-1  -  Search results from between oceans appearing Posted Oct 31, 21:25
Last updated Dec 08, 02:37
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Product Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Edition(s) Stable edition - 1.0.x version
Development edition - 1.1.x version
Issue type Bug reports
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Market Bidding
Description and details
This was reported by user RedSeaWitch on the Puzzle Pirates forums:
"It took a moment to sink in, since I play on more than one ocean. In this case, I was checking Madder prices on Midnight. As you can see from the screenie, it listed islands from several oceans. I'd been on Crimson and Ice, probably Hunter and Cobalt, too, over the past few days and probably didn't clean the data."
How to reproduce
Import data from between oceans and conduct a search on bid ticket details