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TP-12  -  Filtering enhancements Posted Jan 15, 11:30
Last updated Jan 20, 03:09
Product Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Edition(s) Development edition - 1.1.x version
Issue type Enhancements
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Description and details
In the most recent changes, the display in the island to island tab was changed such that instead of displaying individual shoppes:

Arcturis's Distilling Stall - 6 - 100

it displays total quantity per price:

Sugar cane - 6 - 290

Algybot just reported that this can create some confusion if the person running commodities is a shoppe owner. After all they don't want to be transporting commodities to their own shoppe as part of their own profit runs, so the filtering needs to be enhanced, but whether to revert the display back to how it used to be is up in the air for now.

For now, the filtering needs to be enhanced so that certain shoppe or stall names can be excluded from either the buy or sell list.
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