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TP-14  -  Commodities not displayed in proper sort order Posted Jan 25, 11:25
Last updated Jan 30, 16:24
Product Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Edition(s) Development edition - 1.1.x version
Issue type Bug reports
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Description and details
PM from RedSeaWitch:
It appears that (at least in cloth), Light Blue isn't in the right
order. All other commods are in the order they appear at the market
Light Blue and Fine Light Blue is listed at the very
bottom, after gems. I've to check if that's only on cloth, or on paint
and enamel too. Seems that stuff's never on the island runs I do
There is a sort column in the commodity table that is currently unused. It should be populated to ensure the commodities are displayed in the proper sort order according to the commodity market on Y!PP.
How to reproduce
As described in the PM.