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TP-16  -  Entire ocean to a destination Posted Feb 06, 13:54
Last updated Feb 06, 13:54
Product Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Edition(s) Stable edition - 1.0.x version
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Description and details
Feature request through the forums. Forum user PlNG makes this request:
Maybe I haven't quite fully mastered this thing, but I only see a way to
trade goods from a starting point, but what if I want to bring
commodities to an island from the entire ocean?
Filter to entire
Ending island:
I'm presuming right now that he is referring to a reverse of the presumption made on the Route Summary tab. Here is how I phrased it on the forums:
The route summary tab presumes that you know where you are starting, but
unsure of the destination. Basically what you're asking for is a
reverse of this presumption.
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